Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna

Sophie Reinhold, Anna Schachinger

Sophie Tappeiner presents the work of two artists, Sophie Reinhold and Anna Schachinger. While both refer to themselves as painters, both artists examine the definition and the wider possibilities of painting and materiality through their practice. The booth conceived displays paintings by Reinhold and ceramic sculptures by Schachinger.

Schachinger models ceramic vessels on the throwing wheel, which she then deconstructs, turning the inside outwards and the outside inwards, thereby growing and defining the sculptures’s shapes: interwoven bodies on seating furnitures. Schachinger treats their surface like paintings, further defining and adorning them with her painterly gestures. The figures, some sharing a sofa, all sharing one pedestal, are in constant dialogue with one another.

Applying oil on marble powder on canvas Reinhold’s paintings feature uniform patterns set against nebulous, sometimes gradient or sanded backgrounds. Paired with the sculptures they create a setting loosely referring to a domestic interior. This traditionally non-male domain also serves as a mean to express identity, aspirations and fear. The paintings, juxtaposed with the ceramic figures may also act as placeholders, allowing viewers to insert their own ambitions, being either personal or political.