Škuc, Ljubljana

Škuc was implemented on the basis of close collaboration between the gallery and the artists it represents, with regard to contents that reflect and comment on contemporary society via semi-artistic projects; especially in the frame of art fairs. For ART-O-RAMA, Škuc Gallery moved away from the traditional form of presentation at fairs and carried out a project which consists of a booth that is constructed in such a way as to physically separate artworks from the visitors who, in turn, are physically separated from other fair visitors, enabling more intimate contact with the artworks. This project was conceptualised on the basis of the analysis of previous fair participations and talks with the artists, reflecting their common position vis-à-vis society, the status of artwork and contemporary art. It works on two levels: art works that critique contemporary society, and set-up itself that questions the theories of display, especially trying to find possibilities for curated fairs.

Selected artists for ART-O-RAMA cast a critique eye on contemporary society in many ways : Croatian artists Nemanja Cvijanovič and Igor Grubić opening a question of geo-politics and capital; Matej Andraž Vogrinčič & Vuk Ćosić, slovenian artists usually working separately, together try to question History and its constructions. Those constructions that Kosovo artist Sislej Xhafa also deals with, focusing on the roles of symbols and references, slightly touching the art system… and tandem son:DA makes some kind of a round-up of the whole installation while trying to re-question the position of the media and it’s representation, especially in the context of the art fairs installations.
A publication co-produced with ART-O-RAMA is available to the visitors that includes reproductions of the presented artworks and conform both with the visual concept and form of the presentation at the fair.