Schirman & de Beaucé, Paris

Galerie Schirman & de Beaucé opened in 2005. Its founders and directors : Caroline Schirman and Esther de Beaucé have chosen to work along with artists of their generation (that is in their 30s). Today the gallery is working closely with 8 French and international artists and punctually with a dozen of others on specific projects. Up to Summer 2008 it was located in the 14th district, in painter Hans Hartung’s former studio. The gallery has opened lately a new space in Le Marais, heart of the Parisian art market.

During Art-O-Rama, Galerie Schirman & de Beaucé will be presenting works by Cléa Coudsy & Eric Herbin as well as Sam Griffin.

Since 2003, Cléa Coudsi and Eric Herbin have been creating a common body of works built upon video, photography and sound-based installations. Each of their works is a territory marked by a political and emotional geography, but is also based on senses and memories.
Their main materials are recorded sounds and words, body movements and everyday gestures, attitudes and situations either experienced or told. The connecting lines between all these elements are made clearly visible, so that the collages, reconstituted fragments and germs of narratives all work to condition the viewer’s reception of each piece.

Sam Griffin’s drawings are, as he remarks, “intended as points of confluence, where luminal and contested belief systems intersect with language, architecture and memory”. His most recent series of work, titled Oranur, re-creates esoteric historical scenarios, combining both arcane rituals with archaic language, and folklore or magic with scientific invention. Across his body of work, different scenarios are created where facts and myths become blurred rather than being mutually exclusive.