Sans titre (2016), Paris

Since the gallery’s very first shows in apartments, Sans titre (2016) is committed to reintroducing contemporary art in a domestic atmosphere. Its booths often evoke the interior of a young art collector and play with the dichotomy between art and objects of art.

For ART-O-RAMA 2018, the gallery asked two young artists, Rahel Pötsch and Agata Ingarden to recreate the feeling of a “salon”,  regarding both its meaning as a room and as a an artistic conversation, in the XIX century tradition.

Both Agata Ingarden and Rahel Pötsch are producing or reactivating existing pieces for ART-O-RAMA 2018.

Rahel covers the walls of her theatrical frescoes, their colors strongly evoking the deep and changing lights of the South of France. This site-specific installation includes walls and canvas paintings, as well as collages and fabric dyeing, in the direct line of the performative works she’s been recently presenting at the Städelschule.

They appear as warm and inclusive draperies, offering a scenery for Agata Ingarden’s domestic yet changing pieces, made from various materials such as steel, ceramic, carpet or caramel and sugar, evolving depending on the attendance of the fair.