Samy Abraham, Paris

For its second participation to ART-O-RAMA, Galerie Samy Abraham is happy to present a solo show by Swiss artist Genêt Mayor (b. 1976, lives and works in Cheseaux, Switzerland).

Genet Mayor’s drawings and sculptures fall within a daily process of collection and assemblage. Words, patterns and A4 sheets are recovered, quoted, diverted and, respectfully or not, they play together with their respective shapes and meanings. Made of wood pieces and geometric painting, Genet Mayor’s sculptures are catchy artifacts, as hooks placed in front of thoughts like tempting questions.

His use of painting extends in a modular, serial and geometric way, but the free-hand drawing and improvised rhythm liberates the artist from any constructive historical legacy such as Concrete Art or Neo-Geo.

The dialogue initiated between drawings and sculptures deploys a fascinating universe, shaking the perception that we have of daily expressions and common materials. A found branch, ornamented, becomes prosaically Chaussette (Sock).The application of three triangles in a pattern nearly hard edge forms Trident.

Therefore, the key issue in Genet Mayor’s work is to create a game by ironically questioning the boundaries between stylistic schools and stylistic traditions : surrealism, geometric abstraction, arte povera, minimal art, land art, outsider art, low culture, handicraft.