Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

Including works by four rather complementary artists, Sabot Gallery presentation will investigate several ways in which abstraction can be triggered by either formalist or conceptual discourses. The gallery will look into the notion of signature (and its relation to craft and originality), and into the dichotomy form-content (at how language is molding and inflating ideas by means of allegory).  

A versatile entertainer, proving a huge appetite for playing tricky visual games with his audience, Mihut Boscu gravitates towards fuzzy genres and mediums. His work addresses the decaying contemporary aesthetics, recalling references to the history of humanity, to literature, philosophy, or science.

Objects are notes, somehow this could be a good way to introduce Stefano Calligaro. Notes are soft, written to be read as they are; they occupy silently the surface of a page, one next to the other. Objects are suggestions, but they have clear shapes and their own place in the world. Subtle, not minimal, yet simple, not small, not big, but human scale.

Radu Comsa’s paintings are sculptures ; defined by their irregularities, their need to occupy a space, and their polarity. The artist always re-arranges them, disrupts them, isolates them, connects them, so they eventually operate as visual morphemes expected to collide.

An «art employer» avoiding to harness her practice to a specific figure of the art field, Lucie Fontaine incarnates the following three assumptions : the anti-hierarchical perception of the art field, the theory of expanded practice, and the consideration of the entire discourse around the artwork. 



Stefano Calligaro

Courtesy Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

As spills, as movements ( as passages, 2013
Drawing n 1, spraypaint on paper
41.5 x 29.8 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

Radu Comșa

Courtesy Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

diametric abstraction (transmuted form), 2013
Wooden shape 
25 x 195 x 5 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

Mihut Boscu

Courtesy Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

Bald Commercial, 2012
HD video, sound
Courtesy of the artist and Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

Lucie Fontaine

Courtesy Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

Le Gemelle (Daniella Isamit Morales), 2013
19 x 25 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Sabot, Cluj-Napoca