Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

There is a roving approach in Stefano Calligaro’s works that seems to make everything look frenetic and noisy; there isn’t any easy logic to be found in his work, no style, no sexy composure, but disturbance. This impossibility of buffering and finding a linear way to perceive the world is driving us in unclear directions: intellectual strategies like statements, promotional writing, classification, and obedience don’t make sense anymore. There is no space for one language only: even if our tongues are tied, we can feel them push, flip hard, and twist, hunting for new growling vocabularies.

It is exactly in this moment of disorientation that Calligaro finds his own direction; it’s not a linear one, we’d rather call it a “bothering noise” or genuine confusion, even conceptual disappointment. His work is a rough interference challenging its own value and acceptance within the art system.

For this specific occasion, each of these aspects are united into one “Unbuffering room”, where things are not condensed, but “noised”. Calligaro is presenting here a new collection of works: sculptural elements, digital prints, video, and texts. Each of them built to bite, poke and mock a variety of subjects, such as contemporary hysteria, hypocrisy, home-made poetry, market strategies, chit-chat politics, aesthetic values, language and communication.

This “Unbuffering room” does not want to be a simple display of items, but rather a noisy act of resistance to any aesthetically pleasing utopia.