Sabot, Cluj-Napoca


Paintings, sculptures, video works, bric-a-bracs by nine of Sabot’s artists are brought together so as to create a colourful, eclectic and texturally diverse display evoking the visual profuseness and heterogeneity of a bazaar.

The chosen works open up a spirited conversation between abstraction and realism, rough and smooth surfaces, soft and hard materials, structured forms and anti-forms, while redesigning the ‘commonplace’ as a place for transfiguration, where mere things are taught to produce awe.

A laboratory, an incubator, a research tentacle, Sabot acts equally as a curator, a producer, and a habitat. This time, their project mimics all these distinct attitudes while inviting the artists to use Sabot as a meeting place where multiple languages (on multiple tones) can be spoken at once.