Rolando Anselmi, Berlin

Galerie Rolando Anselmi is pleased to announce a site specific booth project for ART-O-RAMA 2014 with the German artist Valerie Krause.

Through her sculptures and black and white photographs Krause creates special configuration and environments, which evoke ephemeral moments of movement, replacement and transition. Her sculptures adopt elementary forms: they are not strictly geometrical constructs, but shapes that seem to assume movement in space, accompanied by a gentle minimization of the forms and static liquidity.

Space, movement, and movement in space are central themes in Krause’s artistic research.

The emphasis of the movement confronts itself with static moments, symbols of peace and calmness, gestures of pause and hesitation, which are also present in her photography. The same dichotomy is found in the use of the materials, colours and in the layout of the works in space. Straight lines meet with openly formulated shapes, defined by twisting or little rotations.