Rinomina, Paris

For its participation in the ART-O-RAMA 2018, Rinomina presents an exclusive edition of T-shirts with the contribution of the following artists: Stefano Calligaro Abraham Cruzvillegas, Rodrigo Hernandez, Pepo Salazar, Thomas Fougeirol, Ana Navas, Fabio Santacroce, Tiziana Jill Beck Helmut Dorner, Haral Klingelhöller, Franz Ackerman, Ernst Caramelle, J.Philippe Bretin, Vanessa Dziuba, Daniel Jacoby Matt Fishbeck, Raphël Bastide, Cécile Bicler, Martin Chramosta Markus Lichti, Jonathan Binet, Daniela Baldelli, Max Leiss Waldemar Zimbelmann, Rita Ponze de Leon, Renato Leotta, Debora Delmar Corp, and Margaret Haines.

The idea follows the proposal made to Markus Lichti—co-founder of Rinomina—by Olivier Gevart to be part of the exhibition “été 78” in Brussels.
On this occasion, Markus Lichti presented an edition of T-shirts inspired by Alfred Döblin’s novel “Berlin Alexanderplatz”. The creative process combined with the experimental potential of inkjet-transfer printing technique led the gallery to extend the invitation to other artists. The homogeneous support emphasizes the heterogeneity of the practices from the invited artists.