PM8, Vigo

For its second participation in ART-O-RAMA, Vigo-based gallery PM8 will present a solo show by Gabriel Pericàs.

Slowed Down Episode (Speech Interruption) is a movie produced for his solo show at La Fundació Miro in Barcelona in 2012. A film which, since then, has never been shown complete to a wide audience and never in a commercial context. In the Catalonian institution, the film was integrated within the context of the exhibition “The nipple slip speech performance”.

Slow Down episode (Speech interruption) is a work in which he modified and amplified the length of a small incident filmed at two thousand frames per second but which is projected at a regular speed. An unexpected and fortuitous nipple slip becomes the protagonist in a movie whose original length (6 seconds is the real time in which the anecdotic mishap takes place) has been extended to 6 minutes and 20 seconds.
The artist, engrossed in this expanded analysis, not only subverts and diverts the narrative of the movie, he also generates a particular tension which is the direct result of this elongated anecdote. Furthermore, this use of time will be even more expanded. So what in reality has happened in just a few seconds, will take 6 minutes to arrive at an end.

Specifically for ART-O-RAMA 2015, the film will be projected along with other pieces by the same artist.