Art-o-rama is thrilled to introduce the PÉBÉO prize for painting.

PÉBÉO is a historical company of the Marseille area and a major French manufacturer of paint, offering a wide range of products from Fine Art supplies, arts and craft materials, decoration furniture to articles promoting the artistic awakening of children.

Currently available in more than 110 countries, PÉBÉO can count on 400 collaborators, among which 150 are located in France. PÉBÉO has always supported artists and creation and owns a collection of contemporary art paintings.


It is in this context that is introduced the PÉBÉO prize for painting, which will award an artist participating in Art-o-rama through the acquisition of one or several works of art amounting to 10 000€.


The choice of the artist will be made by a jury composed of Éric and Patricia Chaveau, Elena Sorokina, Kathy Alliou, Isabelle Reiher, Nicolas Laugereau-Lasserre, Thérèse et Eric Eludut, Patricia et Eric Chaveau.