Olivier Robert, Paris

Olivier Robert has deliberately oriented his gallery program towards the promotion of emerging artists. Some of them could already lay claim to serious careers in international institutions and some others, very young, were spotted just out of art school or in alternative exhibition spaces. In a very dynamic international environment and with the support of collectors, institutions and specialized press, Olivier Robert intends to support his artists with heart and determination at the gallery, in art fairs and in cross-disciplinary events.

Galerie Olivier Robert will be taking part to ART-O-RAMA with a curatorial project : Diaphonie (Crosstalk) centred on new works by two young French artists : Élodie Lesourd and David Ancelin (both born 1978).

If data transmission induces the presence of two elements : one transmitting, the other receiving, it also induces notions of circulation and fluxes. These can be found in Art and more particularly in David Ancelin’s and Élodie Lesourd’s latest works presented here under the metaphorical title : Diaphonie.
When two signals meet, disruptive effects occur sometimes.
In her painted diptych Folk & Rock, Élodie Lesourd analyses the interferences but also the correlations between two singular identities, when David Ancelin’s huge installation : Transmission, nodal point of the exhibition, closely relates two elements that interact in an absurd and infinite way.
The ideas of propagation and reciprocity, here, allow us to consider the exhibition as a vector to both visual and physical experimentation. Electric Guitar an installation by Élodie Lesourd, quite sober and banal (a guitar against a wall) can be considered as the very concrete incarnation of electric experience.
Next to these two art works, a series of drawings by both artists reveal the invisible. On the one hand : representations of night scenes (“By night” series by David Ancelin), melting myths to mysteries and on the other : the unveiling of satanic symbols (Famine, Death, Pestilence and War inks on paper by Élodie Lesourd). Diaphonie appears to be this conceptual exchange made of tensions and interferences between two singular, though complementary, universes.

Galerie Olivier Robert invites The Idiots for a concert on the night of the opening of Art-O-Rama, Friday 11th at 8.00pm