Ogami Press, Madrid

Alberto García-Alix, Almudena Lobera, Ira Lombardía, Javier Pividal, Muriel Moreau

Ogami Press is a space for the production, edition and diffusion of graphic art created in Madrid in 2009 with a transversal and regenerative character. They develop their work according to three main axes: 

As a center of production and printing of graphic art, they work for all types of clients, private and institutional, carrying out commissions for projects ranging from the more traditional techniques of engraving to the use of new technologies incorporated into the world of image. 

As a graphic art publisher, they collaborate with established and recognized artists as well as with emerging creators to develop unique projects of the highest quality in close collaboration with the authors. 

As a gallery and showroom, they periodically develop activities to publicize our projects through exhibitions and informative events. They participate in art fairs and events such as Art Libris, Artesantander, Estampa, Drawing Room, JustMad and Multiplied among others. 

They also propose meetings and collaborations with cultural agents of all kinds to generate knowledge, training and enjoyment of the possibilities of contemporary graphic art as well as to contribute to strengthen and expand art collecting.




Jav ier Pivida l Y. M. , P.P.P . et J.G ., 2013

Photolithography and intervention on Japanese paper, 56 x 34 cm, Ed. 25

Muriel Moreau, Les chapeaux, 2015

Water - etching, 24 x 29 cm, Ed. 50

Alberto García-Alix, Johnny Thunders, 2018

Photogravure on Zerkall Art Rag paper, 47 x 38 cm, Ed. 39 + 4 P. A.

Almudena Lobera, Imagine Corpore II, 2017

Photoengraving on Basik paper, folding and painted frames, 4 pieces of 40 x 55 x 3 cm / 40 x 55 x 4 cm / 40 x 55 x 5 cm / 40 x 55 x 6 cm, Ed. 15 + 1 PA + 1 PT + 1 HC

Ira Lombardía Chroma Art Prints , 2021

Photoengraving on polymer plate and screen printing on Zerkall Bütten 300 g paper, 70,5 x 47,5 cm, 25 copies