Objet de production, Paris

Production agency, gallery and place for study and debate, Objet de production seeks to create a resource adapted to the profound changes in the art scene, combining commercial, political, critical and pedagogical modes of action.

Created in 2004 by Jérôme Poggi, Objet de production is triply engaged towards the emerging art scene, contemporary art history, the place that established artists occupy within that history and finally, towards new mechanisms of art trade. Objet de production is settled in a 200 m2 space next to Gare du Nord in Paris.

For Art-O-Rama and in the special environment that is an art fair, Objet de production has invited Cédrick Eymenier to propose a new version of his exhibition concept “Esope reste ici et se repose” thus crossing the exhibition issue this artist has kept questioning with Objet de production’s concern for the forms and functions of an art gallery today.

The title of Cédrick Eymenier’s exhibition (a palindrome, that can be read in both ways) is an invitation to moments of delectation, abandon and contemplation. It invites us to come and take time to stop, hear and look. The booth, a spiral, has been designed in collaboration with Cédric Pin and plays on the notions of inside and outside, of public and private space. It offers a sound and visual wandering to the public, where photos and paintings will lead you to a lounge in which videos and sound pieces will be alternatively presented.

Esope reste ici et se repose # 4 will host art works by Cédrick Eymenier, Cédric Pin, Dominique Furgé, Kees Visser among others, next to sound pieces by de Cats Hats Gowns, I Am a Vowel, Sébastien Jamain, Stephan Mathieu and Cédric Pin…