NVS, Lisbon, Lisboa

Ramiro Quesada Pons, Laura Ojeda Bär, Matías Ercole.

NVS presents a collective exhibition of three Argentine artists Ramiro Quesada Pons, Laura Ojeda Bär and Matías Ercole.

The stand has been conceived as a large installation based on “The Accidental Image” installation by Quesada Pons (where different types of objects and forms intermingle) but on this occasion functions as a container for the works of the three artists, an ambiance presenting possible links between each object in the color space. Here, simulation and reality come together and overlap.

The works of Ramiro Quesada Pons reflect how different traditions construct images in the perspective of an installation. In “The Accidental Image”, the artist confronts us with current visual dynamics: using advertising conventions and 4K digital images, he builds a very limited chromatic minimalist film set to house a set of dream paintings, photographs, videos and objects.


Laura Ojeda Bär‘s project, “A history of sleight of hand”, a series of oil paintings on wooden panels invade, like a virus, the entire installation, with figurative paintings covering all its surfaces (front, back and sides) presenting image overlay and visual deception.


In the case of Matías Ercole, “The Story of A Lightning” are large-format paintings looming as windows over the whole stand. Emulating the first photographic investigations and through these mysterious and dreamlike images, Ercole discovers other dimensions, where light –thought of as a character– and its transformations, is the one who reveals shapes, distances and colors.




Ramiro Quesada Pons

La Imagen Accidental / The Accidental Image (2021)
Installation, photography, painting, objects, video
Courtesy of NVS