NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona

A critical interrogation of History as subject informs this project by Fran Meana. Specific to a historically charged time, the project explores how facts are interpreted and arranged to create a monolithic discourse that throws a somewhat biased view on recent Spanish past.

Examining revolutions, strikes, and other forms or institutional representations Meana considers the possibility of creating a domestic epic. The dynamics of a revolution awaken sentiments such as fascination for breaking free from established order, the capacity for subversion and the possibility or impossibility that radical and profound transformation happens. Hence the interest to study the phenomena in relation to the establishment. Contemporary history is a subject that for many reasons has been left unexplored in Spanish artistic discourses. Only recently artists of younger generations have found interest in addressing their heritage from a certain perspective. Meana, born at a very early stage of Spanish democracy, uses the elapsed subject as a compromise, and enters the discussion of the creation of an official History fully loaded with arguments. For the first time in generations some spanish artists see the necessity of an updated re-evaluation of historical formations and political systems, and understanding the past in the light of what has been happening in the last, post-transition, decade.