Nice(He)art Prize

The Nice (He)art Prize, offered by Francisca Viudes, who this year brought together a jury made up of collectors and professionals from the art world including Joanna Chevalier, Sylvie and Bruno Compagnon, Unik Ernest, Brigitte and François Fauchon, Stéphanie Fribourg and Nathalie Girard, will allow the award winner to be invited to the Heart for Heart program.
The artist residency based in Nice is a place of research, development, creation and artistic production with the aim of creating links between artists, the local culture and craft skills around projects with institutional dimensions.
In 2022, for the first edition of the prize, the laureate was artist Lucia Tallová, represented by Tomas Umrian (Paris/Bratislava).





Nice(He)art Prize by The (He)art for (He)art Program, Lucia Tallová, Tomas Umrian Gallery, Paris/Bratislava, Art-o-rama 2022 © Margot Montigny