Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin

For their second consecutive participation in ART-O-RAMA, Berlin-based gallery Neumeister Bar-Am present a solo presentation of painter Priscilla Tea (Italy, 1983).

Priscilla Tea’s landscapes are inspired by and depict abstract digital landscapes from constructed digital space, specifically referencing the rudimentary role playing game Second Life since her earliest works in the beginning of the 00’s.

Tea’s paintings escape the spatial limitations of their origins on a screen, working only in large format from 2-3meters in width. Ambiguous expanses of sky or structure are depicted with computerised traits; of format, gradation and fixed-width colour blocking and rendered in thin layers of oil.

Her paintings seem to be a meditative reflection upon our engagement with images via a screen, rather than a representation of it. Their scale and interplay between depth and flatness also form an impact on perception of space they’re exhibited in, consequently resisting documentation and reinsertion to the virtual.

Investigating a lineage of future focused yet critical architects, fromSuperstudio, through Keller Easterling to Tea’s peer Andreas Angelidakis, gives other clues to unpicking her relation to spacial awareness, infrastructure and utopianism.