Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin

For their third consecutive participation, Berlin-based gallery Neumeister Bar-Am presents French duo Estrid Lutz/Émile Mold.
Estrid Lutz and Émile Mold both studied at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, graduated in June 2016, and studied Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles and ESTACA: Ecole d’ingénieurs, Paris respectively. They were awarded the Prix Artagon in 2016.

The solo presentation includes new lenticular works displayed on a sculptural concrete wall accompanied by art fair booth furnishings (seating and table).

Each lenticular work displays a set of 6 to 15 images interlaced into one another, which alternate depending on one’s viewing angle. The shifting surface therefore flicks between views of architectures, ruins, bodies, flesh, animals, landscapes, and other organic and technological infrastructures – predominantly utilising 2 and 3D stock images and videos – to weave together like verses of a poem creating a vision of our environment.