Nendo, Marseille

Julia Borderie & Eloïse Le Gallo

Before its opening in the city center of Marseille planned in autumn 2021, Nendo Galerie, which is dedicated to modern and contemporary ceramics, presents the project Koud (2019) by Julia Borderie & Éloïse Le Gallo.  

Starting from their meetings with a researcher in hydraulic heritage and several inhabitants of the Agafay Desert region, in Morocco, who in a film draw schematic plans while giving them an account of the social organization of the house and the water needs associated with it, the artists imagined a series of ceramic sculptures inspired by the junction points of these traditional networks of pipes. 

Produced in an adobe kiln in collaboration with a local pottery workshop, these works are views of the mind, ghosts of these patterns, which suggest spaces while evoking lines of water flow.