narrative projects, London

“Wild Flowers (wildness is contextual!) – Volume III”
Curated by Carlos Noronha Feio

narrative projects presents for ART-O-RAMA 2018 a group presentation “Wild Flowers (wildness is contextual!)- Volume III” curated by Carlos Noronha Feio. The project brings together ten international artists who work in a number of different mediums. Each work chosen by Noronha Feio for the show examines the motif of the flower. This is the third version of the project that was first presented at narrative projects in London and then travelled to Galerie Iragui in Moscow. Each time the exhibition evolved in order to present a different conceptual angle and artists list.

This exhibition has its origins in Noronha Feio’s interest in flora as a representation of power. On the surface of the show, the naïve and sentimental aesthetic value of the flower presents itself as a deceptive cover over the deeper conceptual research that the works truly look into. The artist-curator is seeking to explore how the artists approach the natural beauty of flowers and how the aesthetic quality of the flower motif transforms within the contextual framework of each individual practice. This relationship between formal aesthetics and context creates a duality of possible conceptual readings of the works in the exhibition. Each flower becomes a representation of the artists’ interests, research and experiment. Collectively they touch on subjects as varied as beauty, sexuality and technical ability through to issues of consumerism, politics, war and pop culture.