N.O. Gallery, Milano

N.O. Gallery opened in Milan in 2005. Its Project Room is aimed as a place of formation and comparison, an experimental laboratory of international projects as well as an operative base for N.O. Gallery Outside Area : a migrant expositive form that takes temporary possession of spaces in the city. The Gallery concentrates on exhibiting emerging as well as established artists with particular attention to video art, photography and installation and believes very strongly in the concept of making art collecting accessible to the widest possible audience. For this reason the gallery invests also in experimental research such as on multiples in the digital era.

N.O. Gallery will be presenting works by three artists : David Adamo, Davide Bertocchi and Raffaella della Olga, gathered for a curatorial proposition centred on the following themes : Lightness, immateriality, balance, instability and division.

“Concerning David Adamo (born 1979), if there were one quality among others more recurrent in his work it would be the presence of a performative quality. In the case of his whittled bats, axes and later canes, this quality is evoked by the spread wood shavings on the floor that tend to read as reminiscent of a performance that never took place. The work is often received as comic or tragic, and invites bluntly to insinuations.”
(Flash Art International. New York Artists Dictionary/ Part 2.)

“Davide Bertocchi’s works stands midway between physics and metaphysics frontiers, halfway between reality and fiction. The artist (born 1969) passes smoothly from scientific laboratories to deejaying, attacking quite frontally museum formatting on the way. Under play appearances, his work often stands on philosophical paradoxes.”
(Extract from La Métaphysique de Synthèse – Nicolas Exertier – Art Presence n°57 – 2006)
Davide Bertocchi will be presenting a new art piece for Art-O-Rama : Le Régime.
This sculpture is a small composition of modernist inspiration that becomes – by addition of one small element – a replica of those “Slim Drinks” girls on diet often go for.
Quoting Davide : “I think that nowadays social and economical reality and these new diets are just made the same way… with small details…that change everything !”.

Raffaella della Olga (born 1967) : “My work is a quest with Man at its centre, his energy and relation to the sky and the earth, the visible and the invisible. My itinerary, which is interior at first, is haunted with thoughts and dreams which with a particular and expressive force are able to arouse images, that I deliver under the form of photos, drawings or installations. I tend to privilege night, moonlight or artificial light to capture what surrounds me in such a manner that either the subjects or the objects appear, isolated but enhanced, in an unreal and surprising way.”