mountaincutters, Marseille

Intervalle is a writing project, evolving in cycles since 2012.

One text by page, the writings accumulate, in disorder and continuity.

There is no chronology nor paging.

The pages reactivate during the exhibitions.


A fictional writing, a being, woman-man, stumbles. The walk activates the body, the body fails, realizes, and testifies. The sculpture bonds geological time with human time. Writing records it. It is about geology, drama, quest, poetry, trace, documents, archives and sometimes a sentence, or a lonely word, in relief.


Alone, he/she draws with the tongue.







A text will be randomly chosen among the 297 texts composing the Intervalles.

The X Intervalle will be sent by email, in .pdf format.

Print it on an A3 sheet of recycled paper.

Only pierce it with tiny nails, on top left and right of the sheet.

Then, take off the sheet of the wall so it can slightly move.