MOREpublishers, Brussels

For ART-O-RAMA 2016, MOREpublishers presents four editions of which two were produced earlier this year and two others, by Jonathan Monk and Yann Sérandour are produced on this occasion.

The first edition is made by Liam Gillick A question of development. It is composed of six individual parts, published over the course of 2016. The publiication dates follow the rhythm of publication dates of the art-magazine De Witte Raaf (the white raven).
For ART-O-RAMA MOREpublishers will present the suite of the first four parts of the edition.

The second edition, Colors in corners by Johannes Wohnseifer is an In Situ work. It consists of an Acrylox lettering that depicts a RAL-color. The RAL-color reference number is produced in its actual color. The lettering is then installed in a corner that is painted in the exact same color.

A new edition by Jonathan Monk is a variation on ‘All the sizes available in all the sizes available’. A series of prints that is based on a print found in a print-shop, depicting all the possible sizes the shop can print.

For the fourth edition by Yann Sérandour, the French artist designed a lawn chair that can be used as an actual chair, as well as a wall-piece.