MORE Projects, Saint Ouen

Josep Maynou, Julien Carreyn, Sergio Verastegui, Kristin Loschert, Camila Farina and Antoine Marquis

  • MORE Projects has been editing various, unique and multiple objects since 2016.
  • The project for Art-O-Rama 2021 will consist of bringing together the different editions of MORE Projects in a sculptural – performative display. First of all, we want to introduce to the public our new editorial project:0 4 8, a collection of limited monographic editions. Each book is designed as an exhibition space in itself, presenting a focus on a particular aspect of an artist’s work. In this collection we will present editions from the following artists:
  • Josep Maynou
  • Julien Carreyn
  • Sergio Verastegui
  • Kristin Loschert
  • Camila Farina
  • We also want to develop Toomanyrecordss, presented at Art-O-Rama for the 2019 edition. Toomanyrecordss, is a proposal by Davide Bertocchi and Sergio Verastegui.Toomanyrecordss is a potentially expansive invitation, an evolving project. Davide Bertocchi and Sergio Verastegui invite several artists to work on 33rpm records that they will have previously chosen and sent to them. It is a kind of «carte blanche» to create a new work with / or on the cover or on the vinyl (or both).There will be all sorts of records. Sometimes they will be chosen according to the musical tastes of the two «curators» artists of the project, or sometimes because one or more elements in the cover or in the songs, appeal to an imaginary close to the invited artist’s. The result will be that each vinyl becomes a «unique» work, designed by the guest artist but following the invitation of Davide Bertocchi and Sergio Verastegui. This invitation takes an aesthetic form and the collaborative process generates a new object, consumable (or not), a hybrid artwork, always involving the vinyl / cover format. List of artists involved:Albrecht Pischel, Anna Biskov, Armando Andrade Tudela, Bayrol Jimenez, Camila Farina, Camila Oliveira Fairclough, Catherine Cattaneo, Chelsea Culprit, Cyril Aboucaya, Davide Bertocchi, DelphineTrouche, Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Ernesto Sartori, Estrella Estevez, Estrid Lutz, Evariste Richer, Florian et Michael Quistrebert, Francesco Gennari, Franck Scurti, Hugo Montoya, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Jean Dupuy, Jennifer Caubet, Jérémie Paul, John Deneuve, Joris Van de Moortel, Josep Maynou, Julie Sas, Julien Carreyn, Julien Discrit, Laurent Montaron, Madeleine Aktypi, Mark Geffriaud, Matthieu Laurette, Mathieu Mercier, Meris Angioletti, Nicola Pecoraro, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Pauline Stork, Pepo Salazar, Pierre-Laurent Cassière, Raura Oblitas, Remi Voche, Rodrigo Hernandez, Saâdane Afif, Sergio Verastegui, Shila Khatami, Sophie Thun, Srijon Chowdhury, Zoe Williams. We will also present all our fanzines and editions designed so far + some side projects. By presenting the 0 4 8 editions side by side with the works produced by the artists invited to contribute to the Toomanyrecordss collection by intervening on 33 rpm records, we offer an interval between two perceptible universes, an encounter between hearing and vision. Variations,remixes, compositions and recompositions. An invitation to let the eyes welcome sound waves, to listen to images and to bring out imaginations. A few sound pieces will be added to the set of proposed publications.




Camila Farina

Notes for a shell 1, Sans Titre (2017)
Courtesy of MORE Projects

Ana Santos, Mimosa Echard and Nicolas Robbio

Notes for a Shell 1 (2017)
Courtesy of MORE Projects

Fanzines MORE #2 : Notes for a Shell 1.
Shaping and turtle
Courtesy of MORE Projects