Monitor, Rome

For its first participation to ART-O-RAMA, Monitor will present a solo show by Antonio Rovaldi whose works all begin from the direct experience of a place considered as a possible subject that is lived, practiced, crossed, annoted. Although set within exterior landscapes, all of Rovaldi’s pieces contain elements that suggest a simultaneous and more personal journey in time.

For ART-O-RAMA, Rovaldi designed a stand with works in mediums related to his fields of research (painting and photography), all of which will interact in a continuous dialogue and reinterpretation of Robert Walser poetic and life; indeed his project is conceived as a dialogue with that Swiss writer who died on December 25th 1956 during one of his usual promenades. The photograph of the body where it was found could be the starting point for Antonio Rovaldi’s project whose first step was elaborated in his solo show “A Roma domani nevica” in Monitor gallery on December 2010. Rovaldi reconstructs here an emotional geography through the life of a poet up until his death. Drawing inspiration from Walser’s work and his poetic of “crossing through” places. Rovaldi will now exhibit a new group of photographic and painting works, all underpinned by a common concept of duration, temporal suspension and apparently meaningless gestures. Thus, creating a parallel with his own research and that of the Swiss writer.