Moly-Sabata / Fondation Albert Gleizes

France’s oldest artist-in-residence program.


Moly-Sabata is an art residency providing studios and facilities all year long. Their program is run by invitatio nonly, creating unique opportunities supported by a wide network of skills and partners, in order to produce new ambitious artworks. A public agenda celebrates an annual exhibition and several rendez-vous, while perpetuating a non site education tradition rooted since 1927 in this place of hospitality, owned by Fondation Albert Gleizes.



Empire et royaume

With artworks by AuchKatzStudio, Nicolas Bourthoumieux, François Dehoux, Wandrille Duruflé, Margot Piétri, Guillaume Pinard, Mélissa Sinapan, Pierre Unal-Brunet and Marine Wallon, curated by Joël Riff.


On its island, Moly-Sabata remains a haven, a free zone emancipated from the surrounding powers. Its territory is always in progress, constantly conquering its autonomy, and working beyond dominations to an everlasting hospitality. Its environment is a sensitive interface, border and bridge at the same time, waterproof and permeable. Because the Rhône cut the land here, separating the Holy Roman Empire from the Kingdom of France for centuries. In the words of local scholars, this is still how one side is distinguished today from the other. This middle position, without silencing the violence of the borders, offers chivalrous panoramas from the middle of the river, not depending on any of the banks, nor on their authority. We are in between.


Each year, Moly-Sabata’s off-site exhibition is a unique opportunity to gather a dozen artists who have participated in our program, while inviting one more in residence in order to produce a specific work, commissioned to show the others at their best. Following Lindsey Mendick in 2016, Aurore-Caroline Marty in 2017, Laurence Owen in 2018 and Superscript² in 2019, it is time for the duo AuchKatzStudio to play this rôle by designing sculptural furniture to settle the display.


As part of its partnership with Art-O-Rama, Moly-Sabata also hosts the winning artist of the Prix Région Sud for a two-month residency in its studios. This stay dedicated to new productions, offers the artist to prepare their solo for the upcoming edition of Art-O-Rama. 2021 will mark the third edition of this partnership, having awarded artists JonathanVidal in 2018 and mountaincutters in 2019.





Moly-Sabata, view from the garden

Moly-Sabata booth, Art-o-rama 2018

Moly-Sabata booth, Art-o-rama 2019