mfc-michèle didier, Paris

For their third consecutive participation in ART-O-RAMA, the Paris-based publisher mfc-michèle didier has opted for a double booth (recto-verso) to interrogate, through the artistic process of Ludovic Chemarin© and “anonymous” trio UNTEL, the status of artist’s identity within a globalised art market.

On the front of booth, the TOURIST collection created for the “Fashion Show” performance in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre October 16, 1978, will be reissued especially for the exhibition “UNTEL, L’ART D’ÊTRE TOURISTE”.

Mfc-michèle Didier offers a funny and provocative event during ART-O-RAMA opening night. On Friday, August 26th three girls and three boys will parade with different shirts from the series “UNTEL :  LA CHEMISE TOURISTE”.

At this end of summer, UNTEL will lead the public to affirm his Touriste style, in particular through UNTEL, LA POCHETTE TOURISTE, the whole wich becomes necessary for a perfect tourist.

In the back of the booth, with five silkscreens, Ludovic Chemarin© will be back to the important steps of the formulation of the entity Ludovic Chemarin© by Damien Beguet and P.Nicolas Ledoux – the signing at Ghislain Mollet-Viéville’s, the Legal Deposit of the trademark Ludovic Chemarin© by Ludovic Chemarin at l’INPI, the first exhibition of Ludovic Chemarin© at BF15 in Lyon, the realization of the official portrait of Ludovic Chemarin©, and last but no least, the transfer of the drawing of Ludovic Chemarin’s signing and copyright to Damien Beguet and P.Nicolas Ledoux  – after surrender of right, works and of the artist Ludovic Chemarin. 

The work Chaise-Bouée of the “original” Ludovic Chemarin will be displayed in the booth, but in a new actualized version by Ludovic Chemarin© and for the avoidance of doubt, mfc-michèle didier will organize a performance-signing of the Ludovic Chemarin© publication by Ludovic Chemarin himself.