mfc-michèle didier, Paris

On the occasion of its participation in ART-O-RAMA 2018, Parisian publishing house and gallery mfc-michèle didier presents the work of two artists who play with the pseudonym as well as with the heteronym: IKHÉA@SERVICES and Ray Sander.

Whether they be visual or immaterial, utopian, satyrical or absurd, the works by both artists aim to question the making of art and the authorship at a time when the notions of artists, artwork, and exhibition venue must be shaken by those who constitute the contemporary art scene.

Thus, the society IKHÉA@SERVICES, founded in 1998, opens within a 7 meters of linear wall booth and during the fair’s opening hours from Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September, the n°18 service consisting of the destruction of the exhibition space.

Next to this intervention space, a set of five silkscreens from the series “MOTORWORKS” by Ray Sander are presented in the foreground on individual supports. Between shedding the light on reality and concealing the fiction, the identities and/or visual forms are on display for ART-O-RAMA’s audience in order to reveal the stakes of the post-conceptual approach.