Mécènes du Sud Aix-Marseille, Marseille

Giuliana Zefferi

Mécènes du Sud invites Giuliana Zefferi


Giuliana Zefferi is intrigued by the notion of uchronia, the proposition that history is actually histories because each historical episode could potentially have turned out differently. In the wake of speculative realism, she thus hypothesises that reality could be different from what we understand it to be and that what clearly did not happen nevertheless still exists.


Using an exploratory approach, she bases her work on research that touches on anthropology, prehistory, philosophy, literature, and musicology. She has developed a transdisciplinary practice that takes on graphic, sculptural, and video-graphic forms while striving to maintain the possibility of uniting her different works to generate and multiply new narratives. She imagines environments conceived as spaces of latency, that’s to say, spaces that are non-productive and favour observation and introspection. She combines tangible sculptural forms, furniture, texts, and videos to create hybrids.




D'autres oiseaux marchent eux aussi comme ça (2022) Video, 33'44'' Courtesy of the artist