Marion Mailaender, Marseille / Paris

Harold Mollet & memòri gallery

For this 2023 edition, Marion Mailaender brings together Harold Mollet and galerie memòri to present the works of modern and contemporary designers. From their collections, they have selected a range of pieces from different worlds, forming a lexicon of shapes and materials. These creations, whether one-offs or multiple editions, underline the contemporary nature of works created in the second half of the twentieth century. This search for innovative, sculptural and original lines is at the heart of the curations proposed by the two entities. They share the same interest in original objects and sculptural furniture, whether signed or anonymous.

Harold Mollet
Design advisor & curator

A specialist in 20th-century decorative arts and design, Harold Mollet works as a consultant to decorators, luxury brands and private collectors. With a cross-disciplinary approach to art history, he works on projects in France, England and the United States. He is also co-author of “Bagues d’Homme” (Collection Yves Gastou), published by Editions Albin Michel.





The Marseille-based memòri gallery presents a curation of 20th-century objects and furniture. Founded by the memòri studio in 2021, the gallery focuses on singular and unusual creations.

Founded in 2020, memòri is a creative studio where different craft disciplines come together, with the aim of constantly questioning practices and their transmission. It’s an ode to tradition and know-how. At the frontier between the production of objects in very small quantities and the creation of a wardrobe made up of unique, modular pieces, the exploration continues with scenography and a selection of 20th-century objects and furniture. The studio works in all these fields, with the sole aim of integrating a sustainable and socially responsible approach to craftsmanship into its practice and production.





Borek Sipek

Liba rattan chair for Driade (1988, Italy)
91 x 66 x 60 cm
Courtesy the artist

Paolo Deganello

Aeo armchair for Cassina (1973, Italy)
107 x 79 x 75 cm
Courtesy the artist

Italian armchair

Majestic chair, brass frame and leather seat, anonymous Italian production (1970s, Italy)
110 x 80 x 68 cm
Courtesy the gallery

Studio Mark Brazier-Jones

“Whaletail” chair (1989, United Kingdom)
85 x 48 x 47 cm
Courtesy the artist

Ugo Trevisan

Iron chair (late 1950s, Italy)
40 x 38 x 140 cm
Courtesy the artist