Maribel López, Berlin

Maribel López Gallery opened in 2007 and is located in Berlin. Its program is international with an emphasis on Spanish contemporary art. Besides a regular exhibition program, the gallery also focuses on specific projects that require non conventional showing spaces, thus providing the artists with a wider range of possibilities to develop and present their work.

The conceptual and aesthetical focus is not linked to any special technique or media but rather a wide interest in art’s ability to generate new frames of interpretation of both the individual and the collective everyday. Thus the gallery is driven to artistic projects that strive to amplify our views of the real.

Maribel López Gallery will present a Solo Show by Spanish artist Rubén Grilo who was born in 1981.
Rubén Grilo’s project for Art-O-Rama is an engagement with the unexpected. Formally it is a video projection with audio in a dark room. The viewer is confronted with a projection of a deserted blue screen, as if somebody had forgotten to hit the play in the recorder and only the light of the projector was on. This “white” space is silent, waiting for someone to add some content to it. Suddenly, someone gets hold of this fact and starts projecting playful shadows with their hands. At the beginning it all seems innocent enough, like some children’s game, playing fast before anyone from the fair or the gallery manager realises. Slowly, though, hints of a mysterious narrative begin to emerge, a complex play of allusions that keeps building up to a surprising end. Following Grilo’s interests, this work, by way of an apparently simple set-up, tries to address the myriad ways through which stories emerge.