Maisterravalbuena, Madrid

For ART-O-RAMA 2012 Maisterravalbuena will present new works Maria Loboda (Poland, 1979), and Néstor Sanmiguel Diest (Zaragoza, 1949).

A connecting thread between these two artists is that their diverse works are originated from a deep interest in searching the different mechanisms of perceiving reality. Through their work they explore the causes and consequences of the construction of images from different power structures. Their work tries to alert the viewer that the images that surround us – no matter how vain they may seem – are charged of ideology and this will affect the way we perceive the world. The two artists put in debate the production of knowledge conditioned by political, economical or social issues.

The show will draw attention to the notion of veracity. How have different causes such as technological developments, geopolitical changes or cultural production transformed this concept? It will be questioned whether “veracity” can mean something today and whether its changeable nature allows us to find new ways of knowledge. The two artists explore these concerns with different methodologies and languages: Néstor Sanmiguel Diest’s works are produced at the outer limits of the humanistic and metaphysical spaces dear to Marx and Freud. Maria Loboda’s work deals with versatile cultural references to literature, music and art alongside mysticism and folklore.