Louis 21, Madrid|Palma de Mallorca

Systems are related to each other. A system is a space where different elements can interact. A book, for instance, suddenly falling from a bookshelf, is a system. And a person who is scared by the book’s fall, is also a system. In general, there are too many interactions and elements that we cannot control. Partially, this certain chaos is due to the infinitesimal changes, changes so small that they make a chain. We don’t see them until they produce a bigger change. Then, it is too late to revert the system.

There are systems that reduce infinitesimal changes in relation with the outside. Tombs of Pharaons or bunkers, for instance, but inside there is matter. Pep Vidal places a nothingness-system in an exhibition, a singularity of the space in the middle of the world which calls on the dialectics of the possibility that defines the very artistic deed.

{ } is the Nothing forever. An empty cube. A real singularity inside and outside. A nothing system in a space. An ultra high vacuum capsule isolated from everything forever. It comprises a cube, a ton in weight. Seeking to make this insulation last over time, resist to changes, the void capsule inside the cube has been covered with all kinds of insulating layers of materials from the industry, science and architectural construction (expanded polystyrene, wood, iron, breglass, plaster, elastomeric foam, cement reinforced concrete, stainless steel, among many others).