Loodd, Waregem

Joanna Piotrowska, Rainier Lericolais, Stefan Brüggemann, Anna Dot, Biel Capllonch, Marijn van Kreij, Christian Andersson, Dirk Braeckman, Josephin Meckseper, Matthew Darbyshire, Nils Nova and Jonathan Monk

LOODD is an original initiave by the Belgian art collector Philip Nichelson. The project is an invitation to international contemporary artists to produce new (relatively small sized) artworks that are distributed in a limited edition. It permits them to create exclusive prints, photographs, posters, lithographies, records, objects, sculptures – using a wide range of media.
LOODD is responsible for the production and distribution of the resulting artworks towards a public composed of interested private or institutional collectors.
The project is curated by the Belgian-born artist/curator Erich Weiss, based in Barcelona. He defines his mission as follows:
“This series is like a ‘curated collection’, a subjective choice of high quality personal proposals.  The works form together a kind of virtual exhibition consisting of a dialogue between different formats and forms and very different individual statements. For each ‘chapter’ ten artists are invited and are given a specific title as inspiration.’
The first chapter has been produced in 2020 and the chosen title referred to the emblematic edition of Art&Project dedicated to Bas Jan Ader ‘In Search of the Miraculous’.
The second chapter, started in 2020 and to be finished in 2021/2022, is entitled ‘Forbidden Toys’ and refers to an emblematic dyptich by Giorgio de Chirico.

LOODD is a nomadic project existing on internet and in the form of occasional pop ups in specially chosen locations and contexts.




Jonathan Monk

The De Chirico Bakery cheese pie
Wooden sculpture in blue box
Courtesy Loodd

Dirk Braeckman

S.E. - C.S. - 20
black&white photograph
Courtesy Loodd

Christian Andersson

Two of Them
metal keys
Courtesy Loodd

Josephine Meckseper

I O'Clock (2020)
Photo print, aluminium, plexiglass
Courtesy Loodd