Liangwest, London

In the frame of ART-O-RAMA 2011, independent curators Liangwest (Theresa Liang and William West) present a new body of work by London based artist Catalina Niculescu. This is the third time Liangwest collaborates with Catalina Niculescu and their first solo exhibition with her.

Niculescu’s new body of work is for the first time ever centred on her Romanian heritage through an examination of architecture and the country’s visual history. It brings a particular focus on the comparison between traditional/vernacular Romanian dwellings and architecture’s development into Modernism where vernacular elements have been revived and introduced into modern architecture. As important urban reference to Modernism, Communism and contemporary architecture Catalina spent ten days in Bucharest on the trail of such architects as Petre Antonescu, Horia Creanga and Duiliu Marcu.
The work is realized as a sight specific film installation sighting modernism and Brancovean style looking to understand the relationship between typical Romanian style of architecture and modernism. A series of collages and posters is presented alongside the film and installation as is standard with Niculecu’s work. In collaboration with the artist Liangwest has produced a limited edition catalogue and online magazine through their curatorial publication Introducing