Levy.Delval, Brussels

For its participation in ART-O-RAMA, Brussels-based gallery Levy Delval will present a solo show by Hugo Scibetta and his series on the blur. These pieces are based on a corpus of pictures from the Contemporary art daily website. They are noteworthy because of their standardized color balance and filters. The images are then blurred until the shown artwork is altered beyond recognition. Once printed on canvas, the images are vibrating in a way that forbids any good photographic reproduction. The cycle of the image translation is thus interrupted.

The booth is revolving around several spaces. First, the center of the booth bears an off-centered triptych. The piece is a space of its own, the picture of a blurred, almost abstract exhibition space. The three panels create a unique perspective that leads the viewer’s gaze toward a mirror (reflective vinyl).

The booth opens up to its own reflection. Coming from a certain angle, the viewer will discover two chairs leaning against the wall. A closer look will reveal two white 3D printed potteries hold in a precarious balance. The amphoras are reproductions taken from the Lincoln Foundation archives created by Olivier Laric. The original object is a ceramic and thus is quite fragile; yet the endless reprodutibility of the 3D print cancels the original object qualities. Nothing prevents the object to fall beside the tilted chair.