Laveronica, Modica

Marinella Senatore

Queens Anthem

Queens Anthem is based on a Marinella Senatore’s concept:  it is an original music score composed by Emiliano Branda, made through an open call to Queens’ people in New York to submit sonic memories of their borough and the protest songs related to their communities. It has been presented as part of the larger Marinella Senatore’s participatory project Piazza Universale. The theme of the project was to explore the multifaceted forms and rich legacies of protest in NYC and across the United States, while also engaging with joyful and ceremonial choreographies of celebration, affiliation, empowerment, and belonging.


Modica Street Musical

During the preparation of the project Modica Street Musical, the present, the past and the possible, Senatore has invited the Italian composer Emiliano Branda to write a soundtrack about Modica, starting with materials collected through a request made to residents to send in all the sounds, memories, and citations that, in their minds, were the sonic backdrop of the city. The soundtrack of Modica has been the legacy that Marinella Senatore’s public work has left to the population that so generously chose to participate in a musical about them and that would project to the outside the complexity of being together and forming a community today.


La Vie Moderne

Designed like any other previous soundtrack or symphony of cities (like Queens Anthem), the project, based on the audio contributions of the participants (a “soft participation”, as the artist defines it) allowed to participate in the artistic project by sending sounds – also recorded with their own phone and in low quality – which were then processed and rearranged by local musicians (resources of the place where they work are highlighted and are always site specific).

The project therefore became accessible to many people, of all ages and social and cultural backgrounds, allowing for very private writing, which arises from one’s own sound environment or from a “desire”.

The soundtrack has been performed on the occasion of the Lyon Biennale.  Some rappers, opera singers and local music producers participated in a special project in the poorest areas of the city, where a high percentage of immigrants live and the cultural offer addressed to young people is limited to street music programs.








Marinella Senatore

Queens Anthem (2017)

Original soudtrack

Music by Emiliano Branda in collaboration with residents of Queens New York

Concept by Marinella Senatore

3 min 02 sec

Edition of 3 + 1 A.P.


Marinella Senatore

Modica Street Musical (2016)

Original soundtrack

Music by Emiliano Branda in collaboration with residents of Modica

Concept by Marinella Senatore

21 min 03 sec

Edition of 3 + 1 A.P.


Marinella Senatore

La Vie Moderne (2015)

Original soundtrack for the Lyon Biennale

4 min 52 sec

Edition of 3 + 1 A.P.