Laveronica arte contemporanea, Modica

For ART-O-RAMA 2016, Laveronica arte contemporanea is presenting an exhibition with recent works by Colombian artist Alejandra Hernández (b. 1989, Colombia).

Alejandra Hernández lives and works in Belgium and is currently undergoing a post academic program at HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts). Alejandra’s practice focuses on figurative painting and her interest is in people as subjects and their relations to objects as presences and as descriptive tools and narrative hints. The exhibition for ART-O-RAMA will address a group of new paintings produced specifically for the occasion.

The booth at ART-O-RAMA will be an experience to step into other people’s narratives in an ambiguous enviroment that will be visually captivating, the images will be direct, theatrical and will invite the viewer to step inside this universe and get a bit lost in other’s gazes and new mythologies.