Laurence Bernard, Geneva


For its participation to ART-O-RAMA Galerie Laurence Bernard will present a project called “NOWHERE” reuniting the works of three artists: Caroline Corbasson, Bertrand Plane, and Koka Ramishvili.

“NOWHERE” treats the idea of “placement” and the invention of an exploratory language, intended to link an imaginary ground with an imaginable sky.

First allusions deeply rooted in the ground, like sap that an interstice welcomes, determine a terrestrial space that a theoretical measurement of a human life span delimits. Raw materials and worked forms are mixed, in this balance system taken from displaced elements, with their ontological properties. These essentials, a celestial luminescence, unfold their radiant, although somewhat distant horizons. Even an accurate perception of these inhabitable territories is denied: the globe, an encyclopedic image, the fruit of explorations, of the conquest of height and “views from the sky”, becomes an opaque and reflecting sphere.

Thus, one reaches another dimension, far, to be exact, from the surface of the Earth, its landscapes, where the fear of the void, infinity and strangeness often stems fro the inadequacy of our recording tools, the absence of a common measurement system. Thus, reevaluating the necessary and positive approximation that our eyes have on the infinite leads to the launching of work as suggestive as it is powerfully inspired by the ambition of the “beyond”. Two journeys remain: contemplation or eremitism… However, “leaving has never permitted going anywhere” (Gilles A. Tiberghien, Le principe de l’axolotl).