Lambdalambdalambda, Pristina

For ART-O-RAMA, LambdalambdaLambda presents a solo-project by Norwegian artist Hanne Lippard titled “No Answer is Also An Answer” (2017). The installation consists of a 3-channel sound installation plus 3 lights (in different colors).

In her artistic practice Hanne Lippard works with the medium of writing, through performances and readings as well as sound recordings and installations. Within the variation of these formats, the voice is her main medium. Her vocal performance channels a multitude of alter-egos with minimal means, as every text presents a new character, partly autobiographical, partly fictional. By mixing personal thoughts with appropriated texts such as advertisements, slogans and news articles, the texts become a mix of private and public that regain ingenuity and authorship through the use of the voice, becoming a body of its own. Her recent artistic research has been concentrated around the use of the female body as a vessel for sound, the conscious as well as unconscious automatisation of speech and language.