La peau de l’ours, Brussels

Benjamin Ottoz, Emmanuelle Roule

For this first participation at Art-o-rama, La peau de l’ours gallery will present for the first time a duo show featuring the works of Emmanuelle Roule and Benjamin Ottoz by putting them in dialogue. 

The exhibition will link the object and the hanging, painting and sculpture, matter and material. 


In this correspondence, the question of a border. Two practices, two artistic approaches thought out empirically, each initiating the crossing of several paths leading to a common point of convergence. The one of cohabitation and decompartmentalization, questioning the limit, the border, stemming from the very principles of « put ting in relation » in the realization of their pieces. 


Juxtaposing, adding, making cohabit, as much on the question of the meaning as of the form, for the benefice of research and experimentation.



Benjamin Ottoz, Ninfa Fluida 20PG-NB, 2021

Acrylic on paper, 65x93cm

Benjamin Ottoz, Ninfa Fluida 21PG-JRV, 2021

Acrylic on paper, 115x180cm

Benjamin Ottoz, Origami 20PD-VN 2, 2021

Acrylic on paper, 50x71cm

Emmanuelle Roule, Enota 03, 2021

Glazed red earthenware, effect reflections, metallic, 36x14x11cm

Emmanuelle Roule, Osmie Xylo 04, 2021

Clay, Wax, Ashes, natural pigments, 24x10cm