La galerie imaginaire, Quito

Adrien Missika, Alec Soth, Alexandra Cuesta, Anaïs Chabeur, Andrea Franco, Carsten Nicolai, David Horvitz, Davide Bertocchi, Elena Bajo, Endre Tót, gerlach en koop, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Luca Vitone, Matthieu Laurette, Nico Dockx, Oliver Ressler, Ryan Gander, Suwan Laimanee, Tercerunquinto, Yann Sérandour

On the 27th of February 2015, the GALERIE IMAGINAIRE was conceived and initiated by a simple publication in the press. The gallery, directed by Sébastien Delire, stems from long discussions with the artist Nico Dockx. The result is a letter from the artist to the gallerist urging him to close his old gallery (Delire Gallery) and to travel around the world with an imaginary gallery, while inviting an interdisciplinary artists community, composers, philosophes, architects, designers and poets to answer the following question: “How, what and when do you imagine the notion of gallery?”. Through this question, the GALERIE IMAGINAIRE reexamines the model of the gallery as a laboratory for possibilities.

Since 2015, the gallery collaborated with various artists in numerous projects, organizing solo and group shows across the world.

After 4 years of ongoing travels, away from the traditional art system, Sébastien Delire drops his suitcase in Equator for a new challenge and in 2020 with the GALERIE IMAGINAIRE, he develops a new project called “Casa Sarayu”. Casa Sarayu, a 7 hectares forest, an idyllic place with animals, rivers and waterfalls in the cloudy area of Pueblo Nuevo – Mindo in Equator. A place to approach environmental and social issues which include site specific projects, exhibitions, artists residencies, permaculture, housing for visitors and yoga retreats. A space in harmony with nature offering vegetarian / vegan food.


The project IMAGINE is an invitation for artists to send an audio recording including the word Imagine… The 20 sound recording will soon be edited on vinyl.

Limited to 300 copies, only 150 will be available for sale at the price of 20 euros.

Pre-ordering already available.


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IMAGINE (2020)

vinyl record

Edition of 300

Copyright La GALERIE IMAGINAIRE and the artists


Audio Track 1 : 0 min 08 sec

Elena Bajo


Audio Track 2 : 0 min 11 sec

Matthieu Laurette


Audio Track 3 : 0 min 20 sec

Oliver Ressler


Audio Track 4 : 1 min 21 sec

David Horvitz


Audio Track 5 : 0 min 12 sec

Nico Dockx


Audio Track 6 : 0 min 28 sec

Alexandra Cuesta


Audio Track 7 : 4 min 33 sec

Davide Bertocchi


Audio Track 8 : 1 min 06 sec

Andrea Franco


Audio Track 9 : 0 min 13 sec

Ryan Gander

Your voice


Audio Track 10 : 1 min 34 sec

Alec Soth


Audio Track 11 : 0 min 20 sec

Yann Sérandour


Audio Track 12 : 4 min 49 sec

Suwan Laimanee


Audio Track 13 : 0 min 43 sec

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen

Common European frogs


Audio Track 14 : 5 min 02 sec

Anaïs Chabeur

The mountains that laid eggs

A tale by Anaïs Chabeur, writing edited with Julie Houlès and told by Melissa Mabesoone


Audio Track 15 : 0 min 04 sec

Carsten Nicolai


Audio Track 16 : 0 min 08 sec

Endre Tót



Audio Track 17 : 0 min 07 sec

Luca Vitone


Audio Track 18 : 1 min 04 sec

gerlach en koop

Told by Alex Farrar


Audio Track 19 : 4 min 07 sec


Trato de imaginar un espacio diferente, lo imagino y quisiera construirlo


Audio Track 20 : 1 min 41 sec

Adrien Missika 

Lucien, 15 months