La Douane / Chantal Crousel, Paris

Clément Rodzielski is used to composing figures with existing images. Often restrained by the limits of reproduction techniques, he creates geometrical compositions that avoid all kind of expressionist artifice. He cuts fashion magazines, Xeroxes mirror papers and organises trashes that are left to the computer’s continual reconfigurations and savings.

In the frame of ART-O-RAMA, La Douane / Galerie Chantal Crousel proposes a project based on the repetition logic that is often at stake in Clément Rodzielski’s works through the presentation of series that dialogue both sides of the booth’s walls.

On the gallery’s booth front side is presented a wood panel, darkened with graphite, that stains the wall and two Mirroirs noirs, Xerox of image compositions that are obscured by the mirror papers they reflect.
Back side : the Untitled series (a) are compositions with spray paint on black & white photocopy and gaffer’s tape. Rodzielski plays both on the typographic deconstruction and on the duality of his material and fixing remedy.
These pieces next to the cut magazines series are all born from the deconstruction of a predetermined material.