La Blanchisserie, Boulogne-Billancourt

Located just west of Paris in Boulogne-Billancourt, the Blanchisserie Gallery was founded in 2004 by Cyrille Troubetzkoy. Occupying a 19th century industrial building, this unusual space (a former laundry) was home to the “Artere” (“Artery”) project from 1999 to 2004. The project was designed as a center for contemporary art, whose goal was to support the development and promotion of young artists through a program of residencies and exhibitions. Since its creation, the Blanchisserie gallery has presented a program of emerging as well as established artists. It is currently co-directed by Vérane Pina and boasts 300m2 of exhibition space. In addition to its exhibition program, the gallery hosts a steady program of concerts, performances and video projections and houses a restaurant open from noon to midnight.

For Art-O-Rama, the Blanchisserie gallery will present an exhibition centered on two themes: “scientific fiction” and “science fiction”. Works by three of the gallery’s artists will be presented. Jean Bedez (born 1976, lives and works in Paris) is part of the new generation of citizen-artists who perfectly masters the symbols of the contemporary age and has chosen to express himself with extreme formal perfection. Davide Bertocchi (born in 1969 in Modena, lives and works in Paris and Milan), whose universe is highly inspired by musical culture, will present a piece created expressly for the exhibition. Samon Takahashi (born 1970, lives and works in Paris) combines intuition and mathematical formulas to produce art works in which both inspirations meet and co-exist on a complementary basis.