L MD, Paris

L MD opened in March 2009. In collaboration with partner galleries and curators, the gallery introduces and promotes international artists in France through ambitious solo and group exhibitions. Interested in every medium of expression, L MD aims to be a venue for experimentation with an interest in cultural differences and exchanges. The exhibition program reflects a special interest for the New York and Asian art scenes (Japan and Korea).

Motoi Yamamoto has been using salt in his sculptures, paintings, and installations for 15 years. A symbol of life but also a material used in several traditional rituals in Japan including funerals; salt was chosen by Yamamoto after he experienced loss and grief.
Each installation is a performance. The artist works in situ for hours, drawing lines of salt or building walls with hardened salt bricks. Made of ephemeral material, Yamamoto’s installations are sensitive to humidity and may evolve and change aspect with time. They are an invitation to meditation and remembrance, expressing the fragility of life.
For his participation to ART-O-RAMA, Motoi Yamamoto will present a large-scale salt installation as well as drawings, paintings and a new series of photos. Born in 1966 in Hiroshima, Motoi Yamamoto lives and works in Japan. His work has been shown internationally, including Germany, the United States, France, and Italy.