Jeanine Hofland, Amsterdam

For Art-O-Rama 2012 Jeanine Hofland Gallery would like to propose a diptych film installation entitled Rassembler & Fouiller (2011) by French artist Rebecca Digne (1982).

The installation consists of two life size screens (constructions within the space) and two 16mm projectors. The films, both shown in a continuous loop, show hands rappidly collecting (Rassembler) and rappidly searching (Fouiller) objects. The gestures given by both images metaphorically re-enact emotions, such as escapism, rejection and fear. Emotions that coincide with nomadism, a recurring theme within Digne’s art practice that derives from her personal history.

The artist aims at presenting both films as autonomous entities in order to set out a direct and democratic dialogue between the image, the architectural features of a space, and the viewer, to emphasize the idea of co-producing the meaning of the image via enhancing all surrounding elements.

In her brief filmic vignettes, shot in single takes on 16mm film, french artist Rebecca Digne isolates seemingly simple daily moments and transforms them into rich pictorial tableaus. Set to loop for the duration of an exhibition, the films suspend the viewer in a state that seems paradoxically infinite and elusive. Calling to mind the meditative cinematographic portraiture of Andrei Tarkovsky, Digne effectively constructs a non-temporal space for reflection – in her own words, “creating a new instance of the object”.