Hoet Bekaert, Ghent

For his solo project with Hoet Bekaert at ART-O-RAMA, Joris van de Moortel will show works especially co-produced for the occasion, consisting on numerous wall pieces made out of rubbles and polyester though giving a new dimension to this practise that he has developed in pieces such as The Floor, Burst and Compressed Studio. These new creations will originate in the destruction of existing artworks and studio-material covered in polyester. The destruction and wrapping will give birth to big pieces, each unique on its own.

Talking about these series, Joris van de Moortel says : “Some works are arranged in extreme situations by stripping them of their original function. They seem like attempts to capture and accumulate energy and often feel like time bombs that might explode at any moment. I often use building materials, everyday objects and musical instruments or their wooden mock-ups. I bundle, bind, encase them in wood and Plexiglas cases or hang them from the ceiling in waste bags. The work reminds one of stage sets or remnants of a performance that took place secretly. The sculptural environments are inspired by found situations and atmospheres and have often no definite beginning, middle or end. After an exhibition and sometimes during it, I destroy, burn or run a bulldozer over the work to then recycle the rubble into new works. Undoing becomes part of Doing.”1

1 Extract from Laura Havlin’s article in “Like a hurricane (you are like)”, Dazed Digital, London, UK.