HaYoung – 2023 guest artist

Laureate of the Région Sud Art 2022 Prize, HaYoung has a dedicated exhibition space within the framework of Art-o-rama 2023 following a two-month residency at Moly-Sabata / Fondation Albert Gleizes. H., HaYoung’s book and first monographic catalog of the artsit, whose graphic design is assured by Chloé Delchini, will be presented on the occasion of Art-o-rama 2023.


HaYoung is a transdisciplinary artist. After studying business at Seoul University in South Korea, they moved to France and completed a master’s degree at Villa Arson in Nice. Resident at Artagon Marseille in 2022, they continue their search for identity and their relationship with the digital world in various residencies, notably at Moly Sabata and Jan Van Eyck Academie in 2023-2024.


HaYoung’s approach seeks to transgress the cultural, political and linguistic boundaries through which he evolves, blending personal voices and collective memories. As a storyteller, they work with video, text, drawing and perfume in installation formats that play on the complexity and misunderstandings that govern pixelated worlds. Standing “at the border” in the words of Toni Morrison, HaYoung deconstructs the languages of digital systems by embodying intermediary beings who address marginalized identities, their histories, struggles and relationships. Transiting between media, their compositions function as ecosystems marked by the image overdose of the digital age.


Their work has been shown at the Ferme du Buisson, Fondation Ricard, SISSI club, Het Nieuw Institute, cipM, 100% Villette, Glassbox Sud and the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen.






Looping (2022)
Installation view of the HOT POTATOEX duo exhibition with Sarah Netter, SISSI club, Marseille, 2022
Courtesy the artist